Day's Eye | Short Film | 10mins
Production role | Production Designer & Animator

An elderly couple, very much in love, live a dismal routine. A compassionate and humble man, Noah Winter is faced with his wife Daisy’s rapidly deteriorating health. Noah finds comforting refuge inside a sachet of seedlings, a way in which he can restore life back into their home. As Daisy’s condition worsens, the seedlings provide Noah with a therapeutic escape allowing him to eventually accept a life without his soul mate. 'Day's Eye' is a short film conveying thought provoking, romantic drama whilst exploring hope for human connection through its vulnerable nature.
Noah Winter | Alan Faulkner
Daisy Winter | Christine Snell

Producer & 1st AD | Lucy Bassant
Writer & Director | Katie Ring
Director of Photography | Matthew Wideman
Vision Editor, Sound Editor & Colour Grader | Shreya Vyas
Music Composer | Peter Lam
Production Assistant | Barnaby Downes