Marnie | Short Film | 10mins
Production role | Editor & Animator  

'Marine' is a coming of age short film based on the titular character’s journey to find a light amongst the adolescent world she lives in. It is set against suburban Australia in the 1980s. As a closeted lesbian and former self cutter, Marnie struggles to tell her good friend Maya that she likes her. However, things go down a different path than what Marnie has expected and she is forced to do things to break out of her mould to achieve happiness.
Marnie | Amanda Sullo
Maya | Micaela Ellis
Jude | Harrison Freeland
Producer & 1st AD | Greg McCully
Writer & Director | Johny Le 
Director of Photography | Matthew Wideman 
Production Designer & BTS Stills | Brittany Scott 
Hair, Wardrobe & Makeup | Lucy Bassant 
Sound Recordist | Shreya Vyas
Music Composer | Aria Wood