The Multimedia Storytelling Program is a creative mentorship program that promotes the esteem of refugee students at Liverpool Girls' High School. Its the brainchild of educator Kathryn Morgan. 
In this mentorship, I mentored two amazing students named Mariam and Diana. We worked together for three months to create short films together. During the duration of this time, Diana and Mariam have grown and blossomed so much in the process of creating their films. The look of excitement on their faces when they came up with an idea will always stick with me. I've noticed a change in them - they're both so much more open and outgoing than what they were in the beginning. So much more outspoken and unafraid of their ideas, and whether they sound stupid or not. I hope that they use that in other aspects of their lives.... I've learnt how to fall in love again with what I do, as well as how to use my all my strength and courage while making my art. The most important thing, I think, is that they've helped me to acknowledge my own story with my parents, particularly my father, and that has helped me to grow in ways that I could not imagine. I thank them both for that from the bottom of my heart. I hope they learnt how to never shy away from pursuing whatever it is in life that they want. I hope they've gained more strength and courage to stand up for themselves in life and to never let people tell them no because of their age, gender, status or background! I can't wait to see where they go next and whose butts they kick on the way there.
In this father-daughter collaboration, Mariam documents the fascinating life and influences of the prominent Iraqi painter Hedar Abbas Abadi, her father.

Hedar Abbas Abadi as Himself
Producer | Kathryn Morgan 
Director & Cinematographer | Mariam Abbas 
Editor | Sandra May
Translator | Latifa Zuhbi

Official Selection | Wollongong Film Festival
Official Selection | Blue Mountains Youth Film Festival
Special screening at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Sydney (MCA)
A philosophical journey across the world of one girl and her family.

Producer & Script Editor | Kathryn Morgan 
Director, Co-Animator & Story | Diana Lwaies 
Sound Designer | Alyx Dennison
Editor & Co-Animator | Sandra May

Special screening at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Sydney (MCA)

(Due to the request of Diana, this video is private to the public.)